Heat Paste Thermo Gel


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This eliminates the need to remove stones such as opals, emeralds and tanzanite which are typically prone to heat damage.

It is also useful when soldering near multiple joints, where the heat from soldering might affect an earlier join.

As a heat resistant dissipating paste, TEMPGUARD is:

  • A ready to use, easy to apply fire retardant paste
  • Dissipates intense heat – up to 3000ºC!
  • Does not contain asbestos
  • Is non toxic
  • Non poisonous
  • No objectionable fumes or odours
  • Water soluble
  • Environmentally friendly

Prevents heat damage from intense heat sources – skin, paintwork, electrical insulation, wood, glass, precious stones or practically any surface/material.

TEMPGUARD is a truly world class, patented heat resistant and heat dissipating paste product.  It has incredibly effective properties that are of value and of use to almost any industry or stand-alone project, that utilises or encounters fire, heat sources, electricity or extremely high temperatures.

It can insulate, shield and save almost any material, including human skin, whilst heat is targeted at that material, and remain stable in its protective function. It is truly a ‘Miracle Heat Shield’! TEMPGUARD is suitable for use in both an industrial and home environment. It is considered to act as a heat sink, as it is able to absorb heat and prevents heat creep within a material.


1) Smear on an even thickness of TEMPGUARD paste onto the material you wish to protect from heat sources

2) Expose to heat

3) Simply wipe-off or wash-off with water!

We stock a large selection of soldering blocksbricks, solder rods , pastes blocks, fluxes  & heat paste to make soldering easy.

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