Green Tubes Ferris True Round


W0019G 27.0 OD / 15.9mm HOLE

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Green Tube True Round

Blue Tube Flat Top is softer and highly flexible. This wax will take a 90deg bend without breaking. Ideal for models with extensive piercing or thin exposed sections. Softening temperature 104deg C.   33 – 28 or 25mm.

Wax can be carved with steel carvers, blades, cut with wax spiral sawblades, carved by the use of burs in a high speed rotary tool or battery/ electronically heated tips . See our website for further tools to assist you

Flexibility Fair
Hand Carvability Fair
(Shore D)
High-Speed CNC Good

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We also sell a large range of other wax products like tubes, slices, wires, blocks, repair & sculpting wax & fillers, along with all the necessary carving forming cutting tools needed to get the job done , also an extensive range of casting equipmentconsumables like investment powderinjection waxes, waxes & carving tools.

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