Gold Test Solution for 9ct 14ct or 18ct Values


G0005-A B or C 30ml

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Gold Test Solution:

Select from drop down menu the gold test acids for testing either 9, 14 or 18 carat 30ml. Use with black test stone, draw two lines alongside each other using test gold and reference gold (known carat value) Apply acid over both then observe the unknown carat strip disappear (meaning lesser carat value than reference gold) or if the test gold strip remains (carat value is equal to or greater than reference gold) if the line remains use the next gold test acid with a higher value until the line of reference gold disappears to reveal the carat value of the test gold.

Also refer to our product M0157 Rare earth magnets where we list additional testing methods and tips to identify solid gold or plated gold so you can rest assured when testing gold properties you buy in with confidence.


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