Gold Gram Scale 600 x 0.1g


S0286 600 x 0.1g

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****NOTE calibration weight sold separately*********

This scale has 4 weighing modes: g, oz, gn, dwt

CALIBRATION With the scale turned on and placed on a table surface, press the C button and “100.00” will flash in the display, immediately place a total of 100g weight on the scale.

The scale will reset itself and will give you a PASS message. Calibration is complete. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT The optimum operating temperature for the scale is 50-86° F/10-30°C. Rough handling of the scale will damage the internal sensor; so you must avoid actions such as shaking or dropping the scale. This is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment and will be affected by things such as moisture, extreme temperature changes, magnetic fields, careless handling and misuse.



s0286 mz range


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