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F0003 Size 080 & 010

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Gimp otherwise known as Bullion Foxtail or French Wire Silver Colour 0.8mm x Approx 1.0 meter


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The proper way to finish a pearl necklace is to use gimps. It is a very fine coil of silver or gold plated wire through which you thread your silk thread. You then thread your clasp/jump ring and place it over the GIMP-then bring the two ends of the silk thread together and thread your needle and then start threading your pearls knotting as you go. Finishing with a second piece of gimp, threading your end piece and doubling back into the pearls knotting and securing with a little dab of glue. Crimp covers can also be put over the knot for an even neater finish.

It will give your hand strung beads and precious gemstones a professional finish as well prolongs it safety by decreasing wear and tear on the stringing threads.

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