Emery Roll Paper Points 2.34mm


25x10mm top dimensions

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Emery Roll Paper Points:

Select grit off menu #240 #320 #600 and #1000

Already prepared and easy to use, don’t waste time making them from scratch! Various grits mounted on mandrel. Start with rough #240 & make your way to #1000 before polishing.

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We sell a variety of other useful ceramic abrasives from vallorbe that work in flexshaft handpieces or Holders, also 3M abrasivesMatador sandpapers & Japanese buff sticks.  TIP: Quality abrasives will always last longer. Using water on some paper will improve longevity too.

Emery Roll Paper Points 2.34mmEmery Roll Paper Points 2.34mm buff sticksWetorDry 3M Abrasive ClothsWater PaperEmery Roll Paper Points 2.34mm sandpaper