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DREMEL Eqpt VERSA FLAME Piezo ignition. 1200c. Butane powered for soldering shrinking and welding. Additional tips are available.


  • Tank capacity of 22 grams: Longer use; full tank lasts up to 75 min at maximum capacity
  • Child safety lock mechanism: Children can’t turn on the tool
  • Flame lock button: For continuous hands-free use
  • Stationary use: By attaching removable foot
  • Precise flame: Allows for detailed open flame work
  • Powered by liquid butane gas: Use anytime anywhere
  • Very short heat-up time and quick recharge: Always ready to use
  • Durable quality: Long lifetime
  • Variable temperature setting: Select the right temperature for your project.
  • Weight 0,227 kg  Length 17 cm
    Burn time 75 min

    Temperature 1200C (open air) 680 – 1000C (hot air)550C (tips)

    The Dremel VersaFlame is a small butane torch designed to make your work around the house & jobsite easier. By simply switching tips, you can use the butane micro torch for wood burning, leather crafting, stencil cutting, soldering, or hot-knife cutting of foam, plastics & rope. The tool’s precision flame allows for detailed household work. Giving a handmade gift is a great way to show how much you care. With a rotary tool & a creative eye, the gift ideas are endless.

    Dremel has delighted us with yet another amazing product that Is useful for so many things around the home, hobbies & craft projects. The Dremel VersaTip! This is a cordless 6 in 1 gas torch for soldering paint stripping melting shrinking pyrography & hot cutting. Or try your next creative project with The Dremel VersaFlame, the only stationary burner that safely supports open flame use and comes with a catalyst and soldering head, making it the most versatile stationary burner in the market today, especially for DIY applications ( powered by liquid butane gas for quick heat-up and fast recharge).

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