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DREMEL GLUE GUN Innovative design and its numerous features make it easier to use and friendly to use. Model building, woodworking, scapbooking etc.

The Dremel 940 is a high temperature (195 °C) glue gun with a drip-controlled exchangeable tip. With its removable cord the 940 can be used at any place without available power. Because of its good ergonomics (on/off switch, T-handle, stable base, extendable kickstand) and replaceable tip it is ideal for light DIY jobs around the house and outdoors, such as repairing furniture, gluing wood, ceramics, etc.

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The Dremel home décor kit contains both the Dremel 930 dual-temperature Glue Gun & the Dremel 290 Engraver. The carbide engraving bits, engraving templates, multi-purpose glue sticks & glitter sticks are especially suited for home décor projects. This kit also includes an inspirational home décor project booklet so you can begin using the kit immediately.


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