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DREMEL Eqpt Motor Flexi Shaft Cable. Fits models 275 285 395 398 780.

The Dremel Flexi-Shaft is a flexible cable attachment for use with the Dremel rotary tool. Its smaller diameter size and flexible cable can help you to get greater control and precision out of a Dremel. Once you get into jewellery making, the DREMEL Flexi Shaft becomes a very useful tool. We find it really essential for finishing out jewellery and drilling holes or cutting. The grip hand piece is made of rubber and is comfortable hold. The diameter of the grip is about the size of a large marker and doesn’t weigh much more than one either.

  • Comfort grip hand piece – allows fingertip control to cut, grind, sand, polish and more.
  • Integrated shaft lock button – for easy accessory changes.
  • More flexible cable – 36 inch length with a new 5 inch bend radius provides more flexibility during use.
  • Quick connect -attaches to your rotary tool in seconds.


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