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Our most popular line of handheld digital microscopes just escalated to a new level with this amazing handheld digital microscope. The Handheld Digital Microscope Pro from Celestron is an inexpensive microscope intended for students and hobbyists.

This USB-powered microscope has a built-in CMOS camera sensor capable of capturing still photos and videos. And with a ridiculous 5 megapixel resolution that delivers high-performance microscopy. This handheld unit is a wonderful complement for any research.

The mobile computer-powered design makes this unit at home anywhere a laptop can go. Celestron’s Mac/Windows-compatible Micro Capture Pro software allows users to analyse, annotate, manipulate, and save the transmitted images from the digital microscope. An included USB cable also allows real-time images to be displayed on a TV or projected in a classroom.

The Celestron microscope also includes a height-adjustable stand that adds functionality. A 20-200x magnification zoom range that is suited for almost any specimen, including slides and three-dimensional objects. LED illuminators near the microscope objective provide incident lighting that is dimmable using a switch integrated with the USB cable. The built-in 5MP camera, height-adjustable stand, video output cable, and feature-rich software make this unit a well-equipped entry-level instrument for the field, classroom, or home.

Imaging System

  • 5MP CMOS camera sensor
  • Still image capture at 5MP, 3MP, 1.3MP, or 12MP (using VGA interpolation)
  • Video capture at 12MP at 30fps
  • 1/1000 – 1 sec shutter speed
  • 50Hz and 60Hz flicker control
  • USB 2.0 computer connection

Optical Performance

  • 20-200x magnification
  • 15.8mm effective focal length
  • 10mm to infinity manual focus range
  • 13° field of view

Use and Handling

  • Height-adjustable stand
  • LED top illumination with adjustable brightness
  • Micrometre calibration ruler included
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatibility
  • Mac OSX 10.6-10.7 compatibility

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