Sand Casting Clay


C0119 Sand Clay 2.260 kg

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Sand Casting Clay:

Special clay used with aluminium rings purchased separately Code C0119-B select from drop down menu

This Clay is reusable and cannot dry out due to it’s special composition. For designing jewellery, clock ,watch parts or miniatures, the Delft Clay method of casting enables you to make castings of the basic forms.

  • Fill and compact the Clay into one half of the aluminum ring frame
  • Remove excess clay with a straight edge
  • Press your original pattern halfway into the clay.
  • Brush talcum powder over this surface of the mold
  • Put the other half of the aluminum ring frame, fill with clay and compact
  • Open the ring frame and remove the pattern
  • Carve out a pouring channel and vents
  • Pour in molten metal

Sand Casting DIY PDF – Methods and tools required, and a few helpful tips.


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Sand Casting DIY PDF – Methods and tools required, and a few helpful tips.


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