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A0100-metro 20gr

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20gr application can be used for more porous objects but dries less clear. Fast cure. Examples wood and rubber surfaces but including metal and glass.

Sicomet 100 is a fast curing medium-viscosity ethylcyanoacrylate for bonding a wide range of materials including plastics and rubbers

Typical applications:

  • Silk Screen
  • Printing
  • Filter
  • Fatigue Mats
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Construction Components
  • Sporting Goods
  • Rubber Trim
  • Rubber Trim Components
Product Characteristics
Chemical Basis Ethyl
Appearance Colorless / Transparent
Viscosity Medium: 150 mPas
Fixture Time on Aluminum 5 seconds
Substrates Plastics*, Rubbers, Metals
Service Temperature Range -40C to +100C


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