Crossing English 150mm


Cut 4 & 6

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Crossing English 150mm ” Cut 4; 6 in chrome steel. SUPERIOR QUALITY

To achieve the best possible results when looking to create a smooth surface, you will want to use a coarse file to begin with, then move through finer files until you reach the finest file – this could mean owning three or four files of the same shape and size!

Soft materials such as wood, plaster or horn and synthetic materials require coarse files or rasps. Cut 000-0

If you are working on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass or copper, milled or coarse files are recommended. Cut 000-0

For ferrous metals such as hardened steels or titanium alloys, you will need a fine file, or a Valtitan®-coated or diamond file.

The profile being filed dictates the file profile you will need.

Finally, the dimension of the file you will need is determined by the size of the workpiece from which you wish to remove the material.

We sell a large selection of Cleaning brushes to prolong the life of your file as well as handles in wood & plastic, & a large variety of profile shapes, cuts & lengths.

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