Charcoal Blocks



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Charcoal Blocks:

Soldering Blocks Charcoal Block Solid leafwood 140 x 70 x 30mm. Withstands high temperatures. Items can be pinned easily onto the surface for precision work. Jewellers charcoal blocks are used as a surface on which to solder or melt precious metals simple. shapes can be carved out of the charcoal and small pieces of metal melted into them. they are available in a choice of hard compressed blocks of soft natural blocks.

Here are some of the benefits of charcoal blocks:

They absorb very little heat and reflect it back, causing pieces to heat up faster. They provide a reducing atmosphere (this consumes the oxygen around the piece being soldered which helps to prevent fire scale).They can have pins shoved right into them & broken pieces can be re-used. The surface can be re-sanded to like-new, they’re made of organic material.  One of the most valuable things about the charcoal block is its versatility. Here are some ways to use and protect your block.

But they also have a few drawbacks: After use the block can crack and break.After use the block can crack. Block can keep burning after soldering, they can be messy & emit fumes from burning – be sure to use in a ventilated space. They also get used up.

Wrapping charcoal blocks with binding wire helps prevent them from falling apart. There are different ways to wrap your charcoal block so it will stay together.

Pieces can be positioned for soldering by pushing pins into the block.

Carving a charcoal block and pouring an ingot  . One unique  quality of the blocks is that they can be used as a mold for pouring metal. Simply carve the block and then pour the metal in, it’s a great way to make a simple casting or ingot.

Broken pieces of the block can be saved and placed in a container for those objects that are odd-shaped and need to sit on a softer surface for support.

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