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Centrifugal Casting Machine 6″


C0005 6″ W&W

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Centrifugal Casting Machine:

Takes a flask up to 6″

The heavy-duty spring in the base swings the arm so that the molten metal is forced into the flask. The broken arm construction assures that the metal will flowing a straight line, producing dense castings.

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The WW Centrifugal Casting Machine is spring driven for simple, trouble-free operation and will take flask sizes up to 4″ dia. x 6″ L .

This large capacity is designed for higher production casters and for small sculptures, belt buckles, etc. at a very economical cost.

We sell a large selection of casting machinery, investment & consumables like injection waxes , tubes, slices, slabs & wires , silicone strips, mould frames & more.

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