Injection Wax Aqua Castaldo Flakes


W0067 Sold in 454 gram or 1lb bags

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Castaldo Supercera Aqua Flakes:
Injection wax great quality to work with fine designs, providing additional ease of use and ease of identification.
Made from 100% natural materials and filtered three times to ensure trouble-free use.
Will not clog injector nozzle.
Safe, non-toxic and not harmful.
100% burn – 0% ash.

Easy removal from the mould.

Extremely flexible. Excellent for intricate filigree and difficult pieces. Inject at 165°F / 74°C.
Minimal Shrinkage
Minimal Sink
Use For: Large Flat Pieces
Use For: Intricate Thin or Difficult Pieces
Use For: All Purpose
Can Be Carved
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MSDS Sheet & Instructions

Castaldo Injection Wax SDS 2014