CAST Ti-Research Centrifugal Table Top Casting Machine


Made in Germany


Design Print Cast, use CAST Ti-Research compact centrifugal table top casting machine in conjunction with our B9 Creations 3D printer.

to close the loop on reduced inputs and generate even greater profits.

CAST presents our award winning, compact centrifugal casting machine.

Works with silver, gold, stainless steel and platinum. No shipping delicate patterns, valuables or delays of casting.

Cast on demand. Control expenses. Design Print Cast. Use in conjunction with our B9 Creations 3D printer to produce custom designed rings in the hour.

All stainless body, robust, durable, safe, easy to use, low maintenance.

Cast Ti Samples

Here’s how we did it:

As a first step put a fresh flower into the fridge to make the petals stiff.

Then fix the pedicel to the sprue base with wax. The petals will be fed with metal through the pedicel so make sure the wax cross section is wide enough for a sufficient flow.

%image_alt% The flower should be placed on the sprue base providing enough distance to any surface like the base or the flask.
%image_alt% A final check with the flask in place.
%image_alt% Start investing from the bottom without pouring the investment directly on the petals.
%image_alt% Fill up the flask slowly and carefully to avoid bending of the petals
%image_alt% Do not move the flask until the investment is set.
%image_alt% Start burn out with cold furnace to avoid thermal stress.
%image_alt% Burn out should be at elevated temperature and extended time to make sure that all natural resins are carbonized and completely burned.
%image_alt% Let the flask cool down to the appropriate casting temperature before placing it into a centrifugal casting machine.
%image_alt% Make sure the crucible is preheated for an expedited workflow.
%image_alt% Melt the metal of your choice and pour while the machine is running.
%image_alt% Break the mold to see what you’ve done.
%image_alt% And there it is.
%image_alt% Ready for its purpose.
%image_alt% You might want to experiment.
%image_alt% Do you dare?
%image_alt% Sure.
%image_alt% Build your own collection of beauties.


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