Carat Scale 100ct Tanita


S0090 100ct x 0.01ct

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Calibration weight included & weighing bowl

This scale has 4 weighing modes: g, oz, gn, dwt, ct

The scale will reset itself and will give you a PASS message. Calibration is complete. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT The optimum operating temperature for the scale is 50-86° F/10-30°C. Rough handling of the scale will damage the internal sensor; so you must avoid actions such as shaking or dropping the scale. This is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment and will be affected by things such as moisture, extreme temperature changes, magnetic fields, careless handling and misuse.

Carat is derived from Greek work keration the name of the carob tree which produces pods with seeds.

Once dried these seeds become black and hard. The ancient merchants then used these seeds for

weighing pearls, diamonds and other precious stones.

Carat weight was only standardized in the early 19th century officially adopting the metric carat.

One carat = 0,2 gram or 200 milligram.

Weight 450 kg


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