Burs Vanadium Split Cup


Sizes 1.10-2.30mm  SPLIT BUR

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Split Cup bur is ideal for jewellers who finish prongs on a continuous basis. It will produce the desired result much faster.

  • Produces a much smoother surface & Eliminates additional polishing
  • No clogging on softer metals
  • Will outlast other cup burs
  • Made in Germany
  • MEASUREMENT REFER TO OUTSIDE DIAMETER.Used for rounding off claws setting & wires for a smoother finisher & edge. With flutes on the inside of its cup-shaped head, this bur is used to round the ends of wires, refine the shape of prong tips, and create domed rivet heads. Because it tends to clog easily, the cup bur should always be used with lubrication.Image result for cup burs jewelryImage result for cup burs jewelry

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