Burs Vanadium Z Bud

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Sahpe Z Size 030-045mm

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2.34mm Swiss Vanadium Use drop down menu to select size and quantity.

Bud burs and flame burs have a gently curved taper that comes to a point. Similar to a cone bur, they are useful for tapering and enlarging holes, re positioning holes, and for a variety of stone setting tasks

Image result for uses for hd undercutting bursImage result for uses for hd undercutting burs

We also sell bur lube to help longevity of all burs.  Great selection of holders like the rotary style,  bur blocks or portable boxes with lids for your burs too.

Bur Life and Saw Blade LubricantB0610-Ab0202B0168

We also sell HSS drill bits , a wide variety of other shaped burssilicon mounted abrasives & bristle brushes for in your rotary motor. Even handy storage for them! Quality brands like Edenta, Eve, Vallorbe, Foredom, Komet & many more!

HSS DrillsB0193 + Lettermini-mount-wheelsSilicone Rubber Wheels Square


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