Bur Life and Saw Blade Lubricant



Extends life of burs and aids saw blades when cutting.

Smooth cutting depends on an effective lubricant. Often imitated, never equaled Bur Saver stays in position and is drawn into the area of contact between the tool and workpiece like a coating of microscopic ball bearings on the surface. Keeps cutting tools such as saw blades, files, burs sharp for smoother cuts and less friction–not to mention, working longer! Keep Bur Saver handy at the bench or on the road in this stick form.
• Leaves no residue when heated
• Contains no animal products
• Non-toxic
• Non-staining
• Washes off easily
• Odorless

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TIP: Apply lubricant to the backside of your blade and begin to saw! For the lubricant, you can use beeswax  or bur life. It’s easy to apply by just running the back of the blade along through the lubricant – apply to the back only so you don’t gum up the teeth.

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