Wax Blue Slices Assorted


W0029B 38x89mm thickness assorted

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These slabs provide jewellery makers & model makers with a large flat and very smooth surface for designing jewellery directly onto carving wax. Wax can be carved using steel carvers, blades, wax spiral saw blades, burs in a high speed rotary tool or electronically heated wax carving tips Lectro Waxer. .

Image result for wax wires jewelleryWax Blue Slices AssortedWax Blue Slices AssortedWax Blue Slices Assorted

Each B.S.L. SB (Sliced Bread Style) package contains multiple pieces measuring 1-1/2″ high x 3-1/2″ wide (38 x 89 mm) and is available pre-sliced into thicknesses ranging from 1/8″ to 1″ (or 3mm to 26mm). Net weight approximately one pound.

Flexibility Excellent
Hand Carvability Good
Hardness (Shore D) 52
High-Speed CNC not ideal

We also sell a large range of other wax products like tubes, slices, wires, blocks, repair & sculpting wax & fillers, along with all the necessary carving forming cutting tools needed to get the job done , also an extensive range of casting  equipmentconsumables like investment powderinjection waxes, waxes & carving tools.

Wax Blue Slices Assorted

Wax Blue Slices Assorted tools


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