Auracle Electronic Gold Tester


The most effective electronic gold tester in the marketplace
tests all values from 6-24k.

14K Calibration disc bought separately.

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Auracle Electronic Gold Tester:

The amazing Auracle electronic gold tester is an easy, safe, and non-destructive way to test for gold and determine the purity of gold. The Auracle gold tester is the most simple and efficient electronic gold tester in the marketplace today. Never before offered to the public, the Auracle was developed for use by professionals who needed a quick, efficient way to test gold and platinum.

Having the ability to test the purity of gold is important for anyone who is involved with buying or selling gold. A jewellery item that is stamped as 10k, 14k or 18k does not mean that it actually contains that type of gold. With an electronic gold tester, you will see the results of your gold testing almost instantly. An electronic gold tester is known to be significantly more reliable than other gold testing methods as it is completely portable.

A 14 k Calibration disc is used to “set” the machine- this is purchased separately and is an assayed disc, guaranteed to be exactly 14k. **When testing caratages from 5K- 14k it is best to use 14k as the calibartion disc, however when testing 14k- 24k it is best to use 18k as your calibration setting.  ** The calibration disc is an important unit of measure to set the machine for correct caratage measurements.

Pen included with the unit and can be purchased as a consumable item.


Auracle AGT-3 Gold Tester Calibrate Screen
  • Rubberized compartmentalized storage and carrying case
  • Tests all colors of gold from 6K to 24K and Platinum
  • Dynamic alphanumeric LCD display shows karat value and gold percentage
  • Immediate test results – no waiting between tests
  • Dual test modes- Fast Test Yellow Mode and Enhanced Test Mode
  • No messy gel. No staining chemicals. No dangerous acid.
  • Auto-check pen probe and battery usage life percentage functions
  • Data port connector for software updates and peripherals
  • Smart two button control panel
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Set to make waves in the industry, the AuRACLE AGT-3 is the highest quality tester on the market. Its sleek design, impeccable accuracy, and simple user interface leaves this device in a league of its own.

Not only does the AGT-3 display the precise karat value,without low/high readings, but the user can also view the percentage of gold present in the sample. This process leaves all the guessing out of the buying decision and allows you to feel comfortable knowing the correct karat value of your gold or platinum.



Whether you are a recreational gold buyer, jeweler, or bulk buyer of precious metals, testing the quality of your gold is paramount in ensuring you don’t overpay for your merchandise and do not fall victim to counterfeit goods. The simple task of testing the quality of gold used to be a strenuous process comprised of messy acids and tarnished jewelry, but with the onset of electronic gold testing and quality devices such as the AuRACLE Gold Tester, determining karat value is easier than ever before. The unriviled simple user interface makes the AuRACLE AGT-3 testing process simple and straightforward, ensuring that you don’t lose any time while testing and closing a sale.

Auracle AGT-3 Testing The Gold Quality of a Ring


As the patent holder on conductivity based gold testing, AuRACLE has the experience, technical proficiency, and industry know-how to bring you the most effective, accurate, and reliable gold tester on the market. Don’t waste your time or money with second rate products, start using AuRACLE today.


The days of messy acid testing are a thing of the past. The simple three step electronic gold testing process is the new way to test the quality of your gold or platinum that is sure to keep your business thriving: calibrate, test, and buy. Avoid the mess and buy an AuRACLE Gold Tester.


As a business person, transparency is critical and ensuring that you get what you pay for can mean the difference between a profit or a loss. AuRACLE Gold Testers can make sure you pay the proper price for your purchase and also that you are buying a legitimate precious metal and not a counterfeit.


Testers have been subjected to thorough and extensive laboratory tests, and will generally give a clear and reliable reading of the stone, gemstone, gold or diamonds being tested under proper use. However, you are advised to conduct further supporting tests.. Cape Watch Tools & Jewellery supplies shall not be responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of testers or handbook, and under no circumstances shall we or its manufacturer or any of its subsidiaries, licensors, distributors, reseller, servant and/or agent be liable for any direct or indirect damages, resulting from the use of this tester.

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