G0037 Jewellers Torch


Welds solders brazes in the most tiny places. Up to 6500 F precision thread thin flame. Inserted 5 sapphire tips. Uses all popular gasses. For Original Little Torch enquiries please contact us for a special order.


The ArtorchTM  is a precision, lightweight instrument (weighs less than 2 ounces) that Welds, Brazes and Solders.

The torch  is used in Jewelry Design and Repair Work, Opticians, Electronics, Glass Work, Model Making, Metal Crafts Sculpture and for Home projects. The ArtorchTM  is Made in USA by UNIWELD.

The ArTorch™ made by Uniweld Products, is the perfect precision flame instrument for the Jeweler who demands accuracy and reliability; the Artist who needs a variety of flame patterns and heat ranges and the Do-It-Yourselfer who needs to make some quick, easy home repairs.

This lightweight, precision crafted micro torch with a rugged anodized aircraft aluminum body and head lets you work easily and precisely in small areas with a stable flame up to 3100 degrees celsius .

– Torch produces a perfectly controlled, completely stable flame hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass and even ceramics.
– The Artorch can be used with special heating tips that are available and sold separately which can be used to melt up to 3 oz. of metal.
– Torch has many engineered-in safety features.  Color coded hoses and valves help prevent errors in setup and operation

– Commercial uses include: Refrigeration, Plumbing and Automotive.

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Metal or Alloy

Melting Point

°F °C
Aluminum, pure 1218 658
Brass and Bronze 1600-1660 871-904
Copper 1981 1083
Iron, Cast and Malleable 2300 1260
Lead, Pure 620 327
Magnesium 1240 671
Monel 2400 1316
Nickel 2646 1452
Silver, Pure 1762 961
Steel, Hi-Carbon (0.40% to 0.70% carbon) 2500 1371
Steel, Medium Carbon (less than 0.15%) 2700 1482
Steel, Low Carbon (0.15% to 0.40% carbon) 2600 1427
Stainless Steel, (18% Chromium, 8% Nickel) 2550 1399
Titanium 3270 1799
Tungsten 6152 3400
Zinc, Cast or Rolled 786 419


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