Articulated Microscope


Articulated Microscope:

Syenset’s microscope is made for jewellers, stone setters and engravers.
The engraver will see the work more precisely under this clear and precise scope, even very precise work in small surfaces.
It’s large zoom range allows user to choose most convenient magnifications at every turn. It’s very clear lens allows user to work in all visible areas.

Technical Specifications:
– Stereo Zoom range: 7x – 45x
– Achromatic Objective Lens.
– Working Distance (0,5x): 140mm.
– Includes 2 eyepieces X10 at 45º inclination.
– Dioptric adjustment.
– Adjustable interpupilar distance: 51 – 71mm.
– Magnifier lens 0,5x.
– High precision focusing system.


***Scope light optional extra***

Extra accessories we sell for the perfect engraving and setters bench: Microscope & LED ring lightsilent compressorsGRS accessories & clamps

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