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530  3d Printer Made in USA

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Take your business digital – with B9Creations 3D Printer 530 & 550 models:

How long does it typically take you to produce a piece of jewellery by hand? Are you turning some jobs away owing to peak demand, do you want to deliver stock to your customers instantly? How many days can be saved instead of shipping to casting houses if you were to print in-house within 15 to 45 minutes? Close a sale in just 45 minutes. These are the greater challenges to growing a small jewellery business into a medium enterprise by maximizing a digital workflow solution.

B9Creations is different from other printers, why? B9Creations are pioneers in the jewellery industry, leaders in speed, simplicity & long term asset value. Consultation is a prerequisite step before we expect our customer to invest a single cent, continuous education and support is B9Creations core strategy. Many of B9Creations customers are second time buyers owing to their impulsive spend on a cheaper priced printer before learning ownership cannot deliver on their expectations, costs dearly to maintain, inputs spent on premium priced materials akin to the office printer industry up-selling exorbitant refill toner cartridges post low cost printers. Your second step should be to request a sample print from us to see the detailed quality, before casting the article to see and feel the value add of B9Creations 3D printing technology. Finally to stringently complete the due diligence process our sales staff who have received ex-factory training are on hand to advise you further, perform free demonstrations at our showroom or answer any last minute questions to give you the ultimate confidence in knowing you have selected the correct printer for your business.

Below findings are based on production of 20 rings per week and attributing $ 20 per hour of labor.

  • R&D evolved around the jewelry sector and B9Creations are industry experts. Resin casting technology is taking over.
  • B9Creations has built their product around a philosophy of a happy productivity. The business model is to sell the highest quality printer at a premium to its competitors before it quietly reduces this premium by cheaper cost of ownership, with every press of the print button this increases the cost of the competitions printer. Cost of ownership means less time cheaper consumables, no annual software licencing fees and free support.
  • B9Creations uses DLP (Digital Light Projection) technology instead of Laser based tech. Print detail is consistently sharp, producing superior casting results. Secondary finishing time by hand is virtually eliminated whereby cheaper 3D printers can not deliver both detail and finish. Of course less finishing time by hand equates to an intangible saving when time is costed at US$ 20 per hour.
  • Laser based tech loses detail progressively, the further the distance it prints from the epicenter of its subject matter. Compare a torch shining against a wall from 2cm (DLP) and 10cm (Laser) The Laser method, as its light source is projected further away from the wall, it spreads and disperses losing detail away from the center to the circumference of the circle of light, which becomes faded and fuzzy. DLP method renders crisp focused consistent detail throughout the entire build volume, even the outer edge. The same detail will be lost in jewelry articles which simply put, the cheaper technology printers become limited but good for basic designs like plain bands and simple detail. DLP caters for filigree, pavé settings, thin walls and intricate detail.
  • Competition printers retail as low as one 1/3rd of B9Creations price tag. Simply explained our competitions profit model is differentiated by cross subsidizing the initial price before earning back profits over time based contracts, annual servicing fees ($500 up to $ 2,000) expensive consumables and maintenance. Soon the two printers re-align their original costs closer to one another until B9 Creations becomes the more valuable asset and continues to run cheaper by the print where the opposite happens with the differentiated printer.
  • B9C annual operating overheads @ $ 0.06c to 0.12c per ring (volume dependent) is derived from resin usage, Dura-Vat replacement, print times and maintenance reduction and the absence of $ 500 annual licencing fee. B9 Creations offers lifetime software upgrades, no annual licence fees and no software fees and free support. Ownership reduces every push of the print button where the cheaper printers increase in overheads. Competition technical support comes at a price.
  • B9Creations Dura-Vat delivers greater output, cheaper by 16% in $ terms. B9 Creations researched a patented micro-film layer which requires no re-coating which prevents cloudiness. This has a saving effect on consumable materials and eliminates frustrating trouble shooting and time when re-prints are required. Supplier X requires maintenance which the customer is responsible for.
  • Print time is 25 % less (15 to 45 minutes @ 20 US$ per hour labor) than supplier X. Any CAD design faults can be identified early.
  • Resin models are completely durable, unlike wax prototypes can be damaged easily, resin can be presented and tried on or worn by customers in 15 minutes without damaging the model.
  • Ask yourself how many rings do I produce multiplied by the savings of cost per print, multiplied by xyz years of operation. The answer will be very clear that the B9 Creations printer is the winner in price and productivity.
  • Statistical research by B9C in the US market has objectively stated turnover increased using digital.

Vital Statistics:

550 model is suitable for larger scale and works on a larger build table. Bracelets and necklaces

530 model delivers detailed resolution with thin walls and small holes smooth surface finish

Your installation and training is undertaken by Cape Watch and is included in the cost. We undergo regular training with B9Creations directly. After sales support & service is in house by our technical trained professionals at Cape Watch. After six months the customer should know how to operate the 3D printer so support continues in breakdown and troubleshooting but any further training will still be free but online.

No annual software licence fee. Duravat covers 600 prints* Competitor Vats cover 20-100 prints. B9Creations supply 2 Dura-Vats free in your initial printer order.

At US$ 0.06 cents per print, B9Creations claws back on its perceived higher upfront price tag, and awards these hidden savings back into the customers pocket for every additional print saving. The opposite applies to cheap upfront business cost model where competitor printer companies seek to recover their profits from revenue stream derived off its customer input costs at a premium on operational consumables and licencing fees.

Three outcomes favor B9Creations business model, that it notably reduces its perceived original offering where the cheaper competition printers become more expensive over time. From the start B9Creations customers benefit all the while from greater quality in overall finish, greater detail in resolution with lesser consumable costs and thirdly the client is saved hidden intangible additional labor costs attributable to less time spent on final finishing time when superior cast finishes result off its prints.

A synopsis of annual running cost would show the following result:

  • ($4,250 per year / B9C Printer) vs ($8,334 / Supplier X) The difference of $ 4084 saving or ZAR 57,000 using a 14:1 exchange rate. Therefore B9Creations return on investment translates into a payback period ranging between 12 to 18 months (based on output of 20 rings per week) and becomes the cheaper asset. When researching the market for a 3D Printer customers are advised to inform themselves comprehensively about payback periods.

3D Printing time is 45 minutes or 15 minutes for a proto-type which saves cost inputs if CAD design errors occur. The quality of CAD design will affect all printers equally, speak to our sales team about CAD solutions which you can either out source or receive training.

We offer free consultations and demonstrations in store. Cape Watch also offers small business in-house finance, subject to terms and conditions.

3D Printing Made Easy with great benefits:

Resin-casting made easy with B9Creations 3D printing materials

Developed with  jewellers  in  mind,  the  core  series  prints  rings  in  45  minutes.  At speeds 4x  faster than  industry  average,  that  means  less  time  at  the   bench  and  more  time  where  it  matters  –  growing  your  business.  Our user-friendly interface, no software fees or calibration makes it the perfect fit for 3d printing beginners and experts alike.

Deliver stunning resolution

With 3D  printers  offering  30  and  50  micron  resolution  (a  third  the  width  of  a  human  hair!),  the  core  series  produces  a  smoother,  more  precise  surface  without  losing  ornate  details  like  pavé,  micro  prongs,  and  intricate  filigree.  our  materials  enable  jewellers  to  quickly  produce  flawless  prints  and  move  directly  to  metal  casting  with  perfect  results.

The B9 Core Series is the fastest high-resolution 3D printer at an affordable price.Finally, a 3D Printer Jewelers Can TrustBest casting resin for 3D printing

Cast  with  confidence 

Casting  resins  offer  stunning  resolution  and  our  jeweller-approved  burnout  schedule  produces  repeatable,  flawless  casting  results  in  silver,  gold,  platinum,  and  more.  Use  the  B9  resin  line  for  creating  rubber  moulds,  direct  casting,  and  mass  production  of  your  designs. Burnout is ash free, detail is maximized using the B530 (30 micron)

Enhance  your  customer  experience

Bring  designs  to  life  over  lunch  not  overnight,  directly  communicating  on  design  details  and  fit  for  ultimate  customer  satisfaction.

The B9C Core Series uses an integrated system combined with a new user interface to optimize your printing experience with a Touchscreen and improved software. Wifi, Ethernet and USB connectivity. B9 have eliminated the complexities of calibrations and tuning so you can spend more time designing & creating. Built-in fume & odour filtration with a new DuraVat.


Green – High clean detail investment casting easier to see detail due to colour pigment contrast also casts in platinum  $ 195 *

Black – Fast printing design verification $ 210 *

Yellow – High detail investment, fastest printing castable resin giving absolute crisp detail and clean burnout casts directly in platinum $ 210 *

Gray – Durable rapid printing design verification $ 195 *

  • per kilo approximated plus shipping. Prices are firm of stocked resins listed under their product code.


B9CreationsB9Creations Resin Line

NEW! B9 Clean:

B9Creations Digital 3D PrinterB9 Digital Workflow

The digital workflow that lives up to its name.

Your push-button operation shouldn’t stop at the printer. Automate your post-processing with thorough, no-mess cleaning. Parts can be transferred directly from B9 Core Series 3D printers to the B9Clean while still on the build platform or as loose models on the part tray.

  • 0 Touch Points – Before your part is printed, clean, and dry
  • 10 Minutes – Approximate clean time with fresh isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • 1.3 Liters – IPA volume for wash bucket Uses 75% less cleaning solution than other wash units, holds up to 2 liters for larger parts
  • 50 Uses – Amount of uses per IPA refill in regular use

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    I bought this printer a month ago, Cape watch were so helpful in helping me set it up as well as learn how to use it. It is user friendly, prints precisely and is fast! so happy with it!

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