Polishing Hard to Reach Areas

Polishing Hard to Reach Areas


When it comes to fine jewellery making, polishing is a very important step – it can be the difference between an average piece and a high-end piece. Some jewellers like to polish every single surface of a piece, no matter how small or tight it may be to get into. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get into every nook and cranny. To accomplish this, you can transform an old yellow muslin buff into new smaller version, perfect for reaching into tight corners. This flexible midget mop will get into hard to reach area’s.

You can use an old 100 or 150mm wheel , although any size wheel will work for this project. Before the second row of stitching on the wheel is gone and it is no longer good enough quality, carefully cut the wheel apart using a scalpel knife. Then cut all of the threads that hold the buff together. Separate the layers of the buff and cut out discs. After cutting out the discs, use a 1 mm drill bit to make a hole through the centers. This allows you to stack as many discs as you need on a miniature mandrel. Then add fresh polish to your new midget buff and you ready to go.


Polish away!


Cut out and polish

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