One Tool To Rule Them All


Your Dremel And The Basic Attachments

Dremel the the basic attachments

The Dremel range is an excellent, easy-to-use tool for precision work involving shaping, grinding, smoothing, cutting, polishing on metals, plastics and even wood.

  • Make sure to wear protective glasses & a dust mask to prevent any particles from getting into your eyes or lungs.
  • Also make sure to wear protective gloves to prevent cutting & other injuries.
  • Use earplugs to protect your hearing.
  • Do not wear clothes covering your hands or jewellery that hangs low.
  • Remove the protective rubber cover from the Dremel tip & make sure the Dremel has no power before putting on an attachment.
  • Always use the owners’ manual for the appropriate settings.
  • Simply plug in, switch on & start using your Dremel.

Dremel Engraver

Dremel Engraver:

The Dremel Engraver comes with a standard engraving tip. If you are just starting to engrave, it is best to start on a softer metal such as brass or copper. This makes it easier to control. This is a vibrating tip so not ideal for glass or ceramics but perfect for metals , wood & perspex!

DREMEL 290 EngraverDREMEL 290 Engraver






Sanding Band Arbor:

Dremel Sanding Band ArborDremel Sanding Band Arbor


The Sanding Band is used for surface work such as, shaping, smoothing & removing rust from metal.

  • Place the sanding band over the sanding drum.
  • Tighten the sanding band onto the drum by tightening the screw on top, using the small wrench that comes with your Dremel.
  • Hold down the lock button on the Dremel & screw the sanding drum into the Dremel top.
  • Once tightened, the sanding drum will be ready to be used.
  • Select the appropriate speed setting for each task you are going to do.

Note: The speed settings will be in your owners manual.

Dremel Flexi-Shaft:

Dremel Flexi-Shaft

Dremel Flexi-Shaft


The Dremel Flexi-Shaft is a flexible cable attachment for use with the Dremel rotary tool, for increased control & precision.

  • Hold down the lock button & remove the cover at the tip of the Dremel.
  • Screw the Flexi-Shaft metal piece onto the Dremel.
  • Match the square pin head with the metal piece & screw the Flexi-Shaft on tightly.
  • Once the Flexi-Shaft is attached it can now be used to have more control by holding it as if you are holding a pen or pencil.

Dremel Cutting Kit:

Dremel Cutting Kit


Dremel Cutting Kit


The Multipurpose Cutting Kit allows for sturdy, controlled cuts in a variety of materials including: drywall, laminate, fiberglass, plastic and vinyl siding.

  • Hold down the lock button & remove the cover at the tip of the Dremel.
  • Plate the cutting bit into the Dremel as far as it can go.
  • Then slightly start pulling the bit out until you can see 1.125″ of the smooth shank below the lowest point.
  • Very carefully put the black top over the bit & tighten it with the wrench.
  • Place the cutting guide over the top & tighten into place.
  • Loosen the screw on. the cutting guide to shift to the 0.00 depth marking.
  • Now you can determine how deep you will cut.