Make your own buff sticks

make your own buff sticks

Make your own buff sticks

Creating your own buff sticks allows you to make them in any shape and grit you prefer. The best average size is about 300mm by 22mm by 11mm. This size uses a standard sheet of sandpaper, which is about 228 by 279mm without any wastage.

How to: Make your own Buff Sticks

Use a scriber to score the sheet of sandpaper from behind to give a nice crisp corner. This takes a bit of practice, because if you press too hard, you will cut the sandpaper or if you press too soft, it will not be a sharp corner.

Crisp edges on emery sticks are important for neat flat sanding and getting right into the corners.

Use masking tape on either side of the buff sticks to hold the sandpaper in place. Don’t forget to write your grit on your buff stick.