Make Your Own Texture Hammer

Hammers for the beginner

Make your own texture hammer

Tools & Materials Required:

Dremel or Flex shaft


Fine tip Sharpie

Cut off wheels

Various grinding stones or sandpaper

Please remember to always use safety glasses when working.

First decide what pattern to apply and mark the hammer with a fine tip sharpie.
Put the hammer into the vice. The pattern you choose will help you decide which grinding wheel will suit your needs. Be warned these things snap very easily.

Grinding wheel


Cutting and grinding

Be careful that your cutting and grinding doesn’t wear down one side of the face more than the other.  Once you are finished with the pattern and happy with it, use a grindstone to take off the sharp edges all around the face and top to remove any burs. Use varying degrees of stone from coarse to fine. This could be done with sandpaper or rubber wheels too.

Texture hammers