How to Make a Solar Bottle Bulb

solar bottle bulb

Living environmentally friendly has taken over the lives of many people and this way of life is spreading on a daily basis.

People are learning how to save water and energy by living more sustainably and here is an idea to keep on this growing trend.

Keep in mind that what we’re focusing on today is also there for those who are less privileged specifically when it comes to having access to electricity, how to make a solar bottle bulb so that more people can have the chance to light up their homes on the inside without any extra cost.

solar bottle bulb

How to make your very own Solar Bottle Bulb

Before we get started with the steps, here is exactly what you will need:

  • Any empty large 2 Litre bottle such as a Coke bottle
  • Water
  • Bleach
  • Household Industrial Sealant
  • Sheet Metal
  • Sheet Metal Cutters or Tin Snips

Okay, now that you have your list of supplies, let’s get started on our solar bottle bulb!

Step 1:

Remove the label from the plastic bottle and be sure to thoroughly rinse it on both the inside and the outside.

Step 2:

Depending on how many bottles you want to fill, gather about 3-4 litres of water and about 500ml of bleach.

Step 3:

In the middle of your metal sheet, draw two circles with a 1 cm difference in between them – the outer circle should be big enough for the bottle to fit in it.

Once the circles have been drawn, you can now cut a hole where the inner circle was. Then proceed to cut strips and bend to the outer edges of the bigger circle. Fold these strips and bends upwards.

Step 4:

Insert the bottle into the metal sheet that you just cut up until the upper third of the bottle. Then take your sealant and apply it to both the top and the bottom where the sheet and the bottle meet.

DIY solar bottle bulbs

Step 5:

Now you are going to fill up your bottles with the water and bleach. Fill the bottle mainly with water and then about 10 ml of bleach (2 bottle caps) and then proceed to close it again with its original cap.

solar powered bottle bulbs

Step 6:

Now we are ready for the installation part! You are now going to cut a hole in the roof that matches the size of the bottle and then proceed to put the bottle in the hole – making sure that it fits snug.

Step 7:

Add more sealant along the edges in order to keep it in place in the roof and avoid any leaking on a rainy day. If you have access to a drill, you can even use nuts and bolts to keep it in place, but the sealant alone should do the job!


There we have it, ladies and gents! Now you can light up your house whilst saving not only money, but the planet at the same time! We hope that these solar bottle bulbs will make their way into your home , wendy house , shed or garage soon

Quick, efficient and sustainable – time to move towards a greener way of living by starting off with some solar bottle bulbs.