Know The Different Wax Types!

Jewellers Wax

Creating jewellery by carving patterns & shapes out of wax is a method that jewellers have been using for over 6000 years. Each type of wax has a specific function in the jewellery-casting process. Luckily different waxes are made for various applications :


Wax Types

Wax Tubes

  • Used mainly for ring casting
  • Wax tubes are easily sawn, carved drilled
  • 3 shape variations, depending on the jewellery piece being made: True Round, Off Centre & Flat Top

Wax Wire

  • Ideal for treeing up sprues or making up wire designs
  • Can be bent & twisted
  • Wire diameters available from 1.25 – 5mm
  • Provided in 91mm long strips or on a reel

Wax Sheets

  • Used by Jewellers to form any required shape
  • Pliable at room temperature
  • Easily cut with carving blades
  • Drawing & tracing can be made directly onto the sheet itself
  • Burns out cleanly from mould
  • High-grade & increased flexibility
  • Comes in 2 thickness variations: GREEN – firm & PINK – soft

Injection Wax

  • This wax is used with a wax injector.
  • Forms a quick mould for mass production.
  • Removed through cavity by lost wax burnout during the casting process

Wax Colours


Blue coloured wax has the highest flexibility among all injection wax types. This wax is an ideal choice for creating intricate designs, due to its carvable texture & low shrinkage. Flexible blue wax readily returns to its original shape, while maintaining patterns after being stored for an extended period of time.

Injection Temp = 76°C


Red wax is an all purpose wax, used for a wide variety of designs. While not as flexible as green or aqua wax, red wax can be carved & has minimal shrinkage &  reduced cooling time.

Many designers & casters prefer the red colour for easier visual verification of fine details.

Injection Temp = 70°C


Aqua-green wax is an all purpose wax type, with the highest flow, pattern shelf life & readability. The shrinkage & carvability of this wax is low, while having a similar flexibility to red wax, it is a great choice for casters.

Injection Temp = 65°C