Jewellery Findings That You Can Make Yourself

Jewellery Findings That You Can Make Yourself

Most pieces of jewellery are all unique – all the way from the beads down to the findings that are used to put it all together.

If you have made your own jewellery before, you would know this.

Have you ever wished that you could make your own findings to use, but you’ve never actually known how or if it’s even possible?

We are here to show you four top selection of jewellery findings that you can make yourself!

Five jewellery findings that you can make yourself:

1. Jump Rings:

These are fairly easy to make as you can use almost any type of wire, in whatever colour and size you prefer as well as any gauge of wire. If you don’t have a calibrated mandrel for wire wrapping your jump rings, you can always use a smooth wooden dowel, a pencil, a marker, or a knitting needle to create a long spiral, then cut each jump ring off  with a side cutter.Want to know the the trick to making great jump rings that actually close properly? Cut them open with a sawframe for a smooth edge, that will come together perfectly when opening and closing.Or. Or if you super lazy or don’t have enough time you get a jump ring maker that makes them in a jiffy!

Jewellery Findings That You Can Make Yourselfring

2. Ear Wires:

Looking to make some beaded earrings, but ordering those expensive ear wires are making too big a dent in your pocket? We’ve got you covered!

With basic wire wrapping skills, you can easily make these yourself- either use bale pliers or a wire shaping jig then use a file to smooth out those rough edges on the end of the wire.

Another great way to personalize your own ear wires is to use leftover beads from your beading projects as accents.

This way, you will never unexpectedly run out again.

ear wires

3. Eye Pins

This is probably one of the easiest jewellery findings to make yourself. You can use any wire that you have on hand instead of stocking up on millions of different sizes. All you need to do is teach yourself how to make a perfect loop at the end of a piece of wire buy using a round  nose plier or bale plier.

You can even get creative and use different colour craft wire to add detail to your jewellery.

eye pins

4. Clasps

These are a bit more tricky, but with practice comes perfection, right?

The reason why it is worth learning this skill is because you can create SO many different unique clasps!

You will have endless options to use for different projects – doesn’t that just bring absolute excitement to you?! Use a thicker wire from 1.2mm diameter and use a wire shaping jig to help you bend into the style you like.



5. Bales

With these you will also have to have some patience and practice it before you can get it just right.

Practice twisting, flattening and texturing your favorite thicker craft wires to make one-of-a-kind bale for your one-of-a-kind beaded necklace projects.


Now that you know which jewellery findings that you can make yourself, it’s time to get creative and put those skills to the test.

Grab some wire, keep this article open and start crafting!