How to use a tumbler for polishing & cleaning

heavy duty tumbler

How to use a tumbler:


Remove the lid of your jewellery tumbler – make sure you’re familiar with how the lid is removed and put back in place.

Take your mixed stainless steel shot for tumbling jewellery pieces (approximately 250g – 400g for a 3Ib barrel). Add it to the tumbler polisher.

tumbler soap

stainless tumble media pins

stainless tumble media ball





Now take your barrelling compound. Add one tablespoon of tumbler soap into your tumble polisher along with the stainless media pins or steel shot.

Fill your jewellery tumbler with water. Be careful not to overfill and make the barrel too heavy.

Replace the lid, making sure that you’ve put all of the lid components back into place in the right order so that it is properly sealed.

Once sealed, place your jewellery tumbler on the rotating unit.

Mini tumbler


Switch on and leave to rotate for about 30 minutes for a light clean and shine, use for longer if the item needs to be burnished or worked off well. You can use your tumbler for up to 6 hours to work off. The Function that allows two different rotation is best to use rather than one rotation

Remove from the unit, remove the lid and add your jewellery pieces into the tumbler.


Now you’re ready to remove your jewellery component, rinse, and admire the professional shine!

What can I polish in a barrel polishing machine?

Gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminium etc.

It is advisable to separate different metals to avoid any cross contamination which may occur.

Do not polish the following in your tumble polisher:

Chains and hollow items.