How to Display Jewellery



You may be wanting to display jewellery for your store, for a stand at a flea or craft market. Your jewellery should be displayed in an appealing and attractive way whether it is a decoration or you are trying to sell it. You can opt for an elegant and traditional jewellery display or you can be creative with household items to create a display unlike any other.

Strike a balance

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You don’t want to have all plain coloured jewellery displays, you can mix it up with plain and bright or decorative colours to create interest. Make sure everything matches and flows well. Also make sure to keep the height balanced. Don’t have all tall displays on one side and all short displays on the other side.

Choose the appropriate jewellery for each display

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Don’t hang a small necklace on a large bust or small earrings on a tall earring stand because it draws attention away from the jewellery. Match the sizes of the display piece with the size of the jewellery piece.

Add elevation to your display

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Use tall block display pieces to create elevation in your displays. By creating different levels within your display, you are adding a sense of motion and avoiding a monotonous display. You can highlight your best items by placing them on higher platforms.


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