How To Clean Your Dapping Tools

Clean your dapping tools with ease

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Tools

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Tools

You should always take care of your tools, as they are as important as the items you make. Cleaning your tools prolongs their lifespan and reduces wear and tear. This saves you from continuously spending unnecessary money on new tools.

Using A Wire Brush

Wire Brush

A wire brush helps with cleaning metals and removing rust and oxide, without damaging the metal underneath. The wire brush is a good way to maintain your metal tools as it can work on most metal tools, and can attach to most hand drills you might own. For your own safety it is important to wear thick leather gloves.

The steel filaments will not remove base materials, because of the wire tips making direct contact with the metal surface.


Using Light Oil Spray: WD-40

Using light oil spray or rust remover soak is a common way of removing rust and prolonging tool usage.


To use WD-40 spray, simply spray the fluid onto the metal, leave for around ten minutes, allowing the liquid loosen the rust, making it easy to wipe off. IThis prevents scratches on your tools from constantly wiping the metal surface. Spray the fluid on your tools after using them, to reduce the chances of rust and decay.


Wire Brush

WD-40 Spray

Drill wire brush rust removal






Going Old School

steel woolIf your are not able to acquire the above mentioned items, you can always use traditional methods of cleaning your tools by using steel wool, as long as you use fine-grain sandpaper afterwards ( grit #1200 or  #1500) , to get rid of scratch marks and light rust..

Steel wool is great for removing rust from metals too.





Remember… The Way You Treat Your Tools Shows in The Work You Produce