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Different Lengths Of Chains & Necklaces

Different Lengths Of Chains & Necklaces

Different Lengths Of Chains & Necklaces

The length & width of chains, necklaces & bracelets are as important as the jewellery piece itself, as it is meant to complement the wearer’s features. Therefore it is important to know the different lengths, styles & placement of each piece of jewellery & the type of person it is best suited for.

Women Lengths

Different Lengths Of Chains & Necklaces

A women’s necklace’s range from 40cm- 90cm long. The range of styles include collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera & rope necklaces. The different sizes & styles compliment different types of people as follows:

  • A 38cm Collar necklace is best suited for women who like wearing low-cut tops & casual-smart outfits for everyday activities.
  • Choker necklaces are 40cm long and looks good on shorter women.
  • The 45cm Princess necklace looks good on most short to average height women & goes with almost any outfit.
  • 55cm necklaces, referred to as Matinee go with both business & casual outfits on average to above average height women.
  • Opera necklaces are 60-65cm in length and are better for tall women wearing them to nights out or special events.
  • A Rope necklace is 80-95cm in length & is best suited for taller women going to business, exclusive & elegant events.


Collar necklace

Princess necklaces

Opera necklaces









Men Lengths

Different Lengths Of Chains

Since most chains look good on men, as long as they are worn with a shirt or sweater, there is no specific style that MUST be worn by a certain type of male.

However, there is a guide to see how each chain length is best worn:

  • An 45cm chain is worn at the base of the neck if a shorter male.
  • The 50cm chain is the most common chain size & hangs around the collar bone.
  • A 55cm chain hangs a few inches below the collarbone.
  • The 65cm chain is quite long, therefore it hangs above the breastbone.