How to Maintain your Flex Shaft Motor

Flex Shaft Motor

Have you been running around the internet trying to find out how to maintain your flex shaft motor?
Well, look no further! We are here to provide you with everything that you need to know when it comes to maintaining your flex shaft motor.

First of all, lets  cover the basics. You need to routinely clean and lubricate your power tool as dirt and improper lubrication can cause poor operation and excessive wear.
The latter is exactly what we want to avoid in order for your flex shaft motor to stay in tip top shape for as long as possible.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how to maintain your flex shaft motor.

Flex Shaft Motor
What type of Maintenance does a Flex Shaft Motor Require?

Before we get started, please note that you should ALWAYS unplug the unit first. This is for your own safety.

– The shaft should be checked, wiped clean, as well as lubricated with grease every 50 hours of use. With every 200 hours of use, the shaft should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent and lubricated.

flexshaft oil

In order to lubricate it, start off with removing the handpiece and loosening the setscrew on the motor connector and then proceed to slide sheath out the connector.
Next up, apply a very light coating of grease to the shaft starting at the top and working your way down to about 30mm from the end.


Apply grease using either your fingertips or a toothbrush but be sure to not overdo it! Once you switch the machine back on, the shaft will spread the grease on its own.
If you apply too much grease, the excess amount will work its way into the handpiece and eventually seep out between the handpiece and sheath.
On that note, we highly recommend you apply a bit less near that area in order to avoid it completely.

Once this is done, replace and adjust the sheath so that the key tip extends 20mm from the sheath. Re-tighten the setscrew in the motor connector and clean the exterior by wiping it with a cloth.
To finish it all off, hang and run the flex shaft motor for 4-5 minutes before attaching the handpiece. This allows enough time for the grease to warm up, spread and then drain off.

how to maintain your flex shaft motor
– When operating your power tools, be sure to never bend the flexible shaft too much on either the handpiece or the motor shaft connections. If the bend is too great, excessive heat and damage will occur.

– The brushes of your motor should be replaced. Once they have been worn down to 7mm from their original 20mm length.

– The ball bearings in the handpiece are permanently lubricated, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Now you should be all clued up on how to maintain your flex shaft motor. We hope you never have trouble handling this situation ever again!