DIY Steampunk Earrings the Perfect Personalised Gift

Cape Watch Infographic

This holiday season don’t race to the stores for a generic gift. Rather create a one-of-a-kind steampunk DIY present that will be treasured forever! Here is a great and easy example of how you can create a beautiful gift that will be treasured forever.

What you will need:

Any old watch parts you desire such as gears and clock hands
Small tokens such a small keys or old pendants, charms and beads (you would want 2 of everything so that your earrings match)
Old looking brass or copper chain (The chain links need to be large enough to accommodate think jump rings.)
Jump Rings of assorted sizes and colours
A pair of ear wires (or create your own with pliers and wire)
Flat nose pliers for opening and closing clasps.

Remember to Select lightweight components so that your earrings are wearable.

Step 1: Cut your chains to the desired sizes and different lengths. (remember to duplicate each chain length so that your earrings match)
Step 2: Open Jump ring and attached your pendants/charms or beads.
Step 3: Attach the jump ring to one of the pieces of chain
Step 4: continue to add your parts the same way to all of the chain pieces until you are satisfied with the look (Once again remember to duplicate your look for both earrings)
Step 5: Now open one of your largest jump rings and string together your chains onto it, then repeat for the other side.
Step 6 String on your ear wires onto the jump ring and twist it shut.
Step 7: You now have the perfect gift!

If you are looking for watch parts or pliers in Cape Town for this DIY project, please contact us today.

DIY Steampunk Earrings the Perfect Personalised Gift Infographic