Creating Textured Finishes for Jewellery

Decorative Finishes for Precious Metal

Shiny is not the only way! A standard commercial finish is normally a high shine because it is easier to maintain. A satin or textured finish will often burnish up over time particularly on rings and moving parts. This considered, the example picture below shows how a contrast of matt and bright areas add life and interest to work.

Textured Finishes for Precious Metal

Abrasive  Midget Scotchbrite Mops

Mounted midget wheels are one of the simplest ways to add texture using a rotary tool. It works best to use a finer grade first then finish with a coarse grade with the desired result. The small size allows for reaching into tiny area’s.

Abrasive Nylon Mops

Bench Top Motor Finishing Wheels

These wheels are extremely popular for giving a really even finish on a large bench top motor . Available in 4″ ( 100mm)  Also made from abrasive nylon these are used on a bench polisher for quick finishing. Interestingly they are really good for cleaning up castings!!

Jewellers Finishing Wheels

Polishing Hammered Textures

You have to be careful when polishing texture not to soften or damage the texture. The best tool for the job is a 3M radial bristle wheel, depending on if it is a matt or polished finish you require you just need to choose the right grit. The bristles get down into detail and uneven surfaces. Use between 3 and 6 discs of one grade on a mandrel, all lying in the same direction.

Polishing Hammered Textures


Mini Matt Texture Wheels

Mini matt texture wheels are used with a pendant motor or micromotor, these can be a good place to start and ideal for smaller pieces, leaving an even smooth finish quickly. Eye protection is essential.

Mini Matt Flick Wheels