Choosing Jewellery Pliers


Choosing Jewellery Pliers

There are 4 basic types of pliers that are the most commonly used tools for jewellery making, these are side cuttersround nose plierschain nose pliers and flat nose pliers.

Side cutters and round nose pliers

Side Cutters

Side cutters have sharp jaws that can come in a variety of profiles, that can be used for cutting leather, thread or cord and soft wires, like claws. The shape of the cutters affect how the cut face will appear; general side cutters will leave the cut edge slightly raised. You also get end cutters that generally leave a flatter surface after cutting.

Round Nosed Pliers

Round nose pliers have rounded jaws and are used to hold, shape and bend jewellery wire. They are used for creating loops, curves, circles, coils and are essential when making such items as earrings and adding bead charms to a bracelet, among other things. The jaws of the pliers are a tapered cone like shape, so this enables you to make a variety of different sized loops.

Chain nose pliers and flat nose pliers

Chain Nose Pliers

These pliers are essential in any jewellery manufacturers toolbox and are used for almost all aspects of jewellery making. They can be used for bending, holding, turning the wire . Opening and closing jump rings, as well as crimping. Their small ends enable you to get into small spaces and grip the jewellery well.

Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers have a slim flat service. It can be used for bending wire and also straightening any bends or kinks out of the wire. They can also be used for opening and closing jump rings. They allow for good grip on large items.

Crimping pliers

Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers are used to crush a metal crimp onto the wire to hold a bead or clasp in place. Although a chain nose plier can be used for this, a crimping plier has a grooved mouth to crimp better with a stronger grip.