African Tails
Mdzananda Animal Clinic

Our nominated charities are : African Tails and Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

Animals innate character consist of loyalty and a bond of friendship with man. Our company holds these values in high regard.

Education and the need to sterilize early are goals that African Tails and Mdzananda Animal Clinic aim to improve the quality of life of animals as well as serving as a rescue centre for abused animals.

Cape Tools supports these front line non-profit organizations who provide animal ambulance, treating random motor vehicle accidents, attending to dog fights, illnesses as well as providing relief from of starvation and a low cost veterinary service.

Cape Tools & Jewellery offer engraving and manufacture of custom pet tags for every adoption, your payment will be donated to one of the nominated beneficiaries.

We offer custom pendants, tags and momentous for owners themselves, our laser engraver renders an engraved picture of your loved pet on either silver or gold plate.

Every donation no matter how small, makes a big collective difference to each animal and allows our business to leave the world in a better place then we found it.

Cape Tools is a pet friendly shopping desination.

African Tails


Mdzananda Animal Clinic

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