African Tails

Our nominated charity is : African Tails.

Directors Rodger Browne and Tennille Hoge understand the unconditional love and loyalty animals offer and the benefit to human development.

A lack of education is the cause of much suffering humans inflict on animals, sometimes being unaware of our indirect actions for example the need to sterilize early.

We strongly believe in supporting the front line of animal rescue societies who are the voice of desperate animals living each day with pain and suffering.

These organisations also play a vital role as educator to the custodians of the animals they help.

Tennille and Rodger both adopted their own furry children and learned the value animals bring to their own lives. 

It is time to pay it forward and assist every organisation who bravely confront the vulnerable needs of the unspoken and suffering animals.

Cape Tools & Jewellery will offer engraving and manufacture of bespoke pet tags when you adopt your pet or nominate an organisation you would like to donate to when ordering your pet identification tag.

Our tags are not only for the pet but can be customized with pictures of your pet in silver and gold pendants subject to your supplied artwork.

Every deed no matter how small makes a big collective difference to their daily lives.


Your small contribution makes a huge difference and enables us to continue our works of success.