Watchmakers & jewellers hold the ability and tools to repair watches. Watchmaking tools and repair supplies are a valuable part of any jewellery or watchmaking enterprise. Professional jewellers should be ready to service anyone looking for repairs on their watches and jewellery; Cape Tools & Jewellery Supplies stand ready to provide these professionals with all of this equipment and more.

When it comes to watchmaking, the list of repair tools can be quite far-reaching.  The wide range of watches available makes this a necessity for Cape Tools to carry a complete collection of watchmakers repair tools for every situation. Pin removers like the ones we have on offer are vital for removing pins from metal link bands, and our pin removal kits are the most effective around when it comes to adjusting watch straps. Case openers to facilitate the opening of watch cases and to ensure that no harm will come to the watch in the process. Screwdrivers are by far the most basic and important tools used by all watchmakers. A professional-grade screwdriver is miniature, and is made from the best quality of steel.  There are several types of screwdrivers used in the industry, such as straight edge, reversible blade, and more, all of which are available in the kits that we are ready to provide.

Cape Tools has exactly what you need, whether you are a watch repair student, a hobbyist repairer or a professional watchmaker performing mechanical and quartz watch diagnostics. Watch repair kits include a variety of tools for maintenance, and serves a small part of our wide selection of watchmaking equipment.

Why waste time going through supplier after supplier searching for the tools you need to run your business? Look no further for high-quality watchmaker’s tools and products at the best prices.