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Rolling mills are essentially used by craftsmen in a wide assortment of applications in jewellery manufacturing or wherever there is a need to form or shape wire or flatten malleable metals. Most hand held Rolling mills are designed to meet the needs of jewellers and metal smiths; and  are tremendously versatile with optional design and pattern rolls.

Mills make it possible to use a variety of sheet metal gauges without having to keep a large inventory of sheet stock on hand. Our high-quality mills will provide years of service reducing non-ferrous metals into a variety of sheet metal gauge thicknesses. Wire mills are also available are generally used together with a wire draw bench and drawplates to reduce the diameter of wire.

Rolling Mills are one of the more expensive jeweller’s tools, and although simple in nature the mill can be put to many uses and save money. When buying a mill, like many tools you should buy the best mill you can afford, with the better mills being more robust and having heavier and stronger rollers.

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