Draw Plates

Draw Plates for Jewellery

A draw plate is a multi or single die, made of hardened steel plate. Draw plates are used to reduce and shape thickness of gold, silver, brass, copper, platinum or steel wire. A typical draw plate will have twenty to thirty holes so a wide range of diameters can be drawn. Jewellers often need to reduce the diameter of gold or silver wire when designing custom jewellery.

Draw PlateDraw Plate for jewellery

Draw Plates are presented in an assortment of sizes and shapes for drawing different shapes of wire, including square, round, triangular, rectangular, oval, half-round and hexagonal.

The holes in the draw plate tapers slightly towards the front, so that wire drawn from a preceding hole will go through the next hole with ease. Draw plates reduce the thickness of wire by reshaping the metal; increasing length while decreasing diameter. Per se, a piece of wire will become significantly lengthened during the drawing process.