What are Findings?

Most of you might know this, but for those new to jewellery making and have found a new passion, here is a simple and easy definition for you to understand exactly what Findings are:

Findings are the parts which are used for holding jewellery components together to form a complete article. Findings include ear wires and clasps.
Clasps are used for necklaces and bracelets whereas ear wires are used for earrings.

So in fact, they are not beads, gemstones or stringing materials, but rather serves a purpose of rounding it all off with bails, clasps, jump rings and so forth.

With the wind range that we offer to our customers, there is something that can contribute to every jewellery maker’s stash.

The range runs from Silver Chains, Stainless Steel, Solid And Gold Findings, Leather, Cubic Zirconia and Beading Supplies.

With top quality findings to choose from – we aim to exceed your expectations with our products and services.

Start off your hobby for making jewellery by exploring options and different shapes for different types of jewellery; such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and all the other lovely accessories such as chokers or body chains.

Without these amazing little things, making jewellery pieces would be a lot harder and nearly impossible to achieve! They are the foundation of the project and brings that satisfaction of knowing your accessories are secure, safe and finished off in a stunning, yet simple way.

Besides finishing off a piece of jewellery, they can also be used to fix up broken chains by adding in a new piece where the old one might have broken off!

Browse our essentials today in order to find exactly what you need to bring your project to a gracious end – and so also start the next one.

Get creative with our little, yet important findings.