Precision Files

Precision FilesCape Watch Tools & Jewellery Supplies are major stockists of precision files in South Africa. Precision Files are for those “in-between” jobs too big for needle files and too small for regular files. Once you have them in your shop, you will discover a surprisingly number of uses. Precision files, for exacting work, especially under magnification. Precision files are smaller, easier to handle, and possess a more precise geometry and are made of the highest quality steel, machined and finished for precision shape, accuracy and balance.

At Cape Watch Tools & Jewellery Supplies; our large selection of Precision Files are made from the world’s finest cutting steel; milled to the exact shape and size desired. All are the essence of durability and hardness combined with the feel that a fine file should have. They are used in tool and machine tool manufacturing, in mould making and gold manufacturing. They are also used by lute makers instead of rasps, where higher surface finishing is requested or for joints and dovetails.

Product applications: musical instruments, workshops, jewellers and goldsmiths