Calibrating Diamond & Gem Scales

Ensure Accurate Scale Measurements



Scales are crucial for anyone in the jewellery trade, as well as hobbyists & enthusiasts. Diamonds & other gemstones must be weighed with precisely accurate measurements, which are crucial for any gemstone business. Calibrations require specific calibration weight amount for the calibration mode to be effective. It is essential that you use a precisely weighted calibration weight as specified in your scale’s user manual when calibrating your scale.


General Calibration Steps:

Scales should calibrated frequently depending on the model ( carats , grain or gram scales) and accuracy level of the scale as well as frequency of use. Digital scales have a variable calibration weight option, allowing the user to input the value of the calibration weight. If your scale does have this option, please follow instructions in your scale’s manual for this procedure.

  • Place your scale on a flat and stable surface
  • Power on the scale and allow it to warm up (usually 30 seconds)
  • Begin the calibration mode sequence
  • Follow the instructions on the scale’s display
  • Remove the calibration weight & return to normal weighing modes once the calibration is complete
  • Make sure you always using your scakes on a flat and level surface.