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About Cape Tools & Jewellery Supplies

Cape Tools are a leading supplier of precision tools and jewellery supplies. Cape Tools services the jewellery, dental, medical, engineering and hobby trade’s from retailers, watchmakers, gemmologists, manufacturers, and other allied industries.
We celebrated our 50 years of business in 2012, a year we refurbished our showroom and merged with Jewel Quip, increasing our product range and technical expertise. We stock an extensive range of findings, tweezers, magnifiers soldering micro-welding and other specialized equipment. Find the right tool for any project. Whether you need a new jewellery work bench, or any other jewellery tools and supplies for casting and other advanced techniques.
Our website is where you can find a full product catalogue including pricing advice and product information. We are a click or phone call away, our experienced, friendly and helpful staff are available to answer your questions regarding all our range. We recommend you refresh your browser often because our website is never stale; our search engine provides a quick reference and view of the latest products uploaded into stock. We deliver nationwide! Cape Tools offers the best selection of jewellery equipment available. Backed by world-class service.

More About the History of Cape Tools & Jewellery Supplies

Our doors opened in November 1962, when a general dealer – Bloomberg & Kleinman offered their watch spare parts division for sale to Dave Talmut & Max Wiener the founding directors of Cape Watchmakers Supplies & Tools who were the dominant supplier of watch parts to the industry up until the advent when the Japanese Quartz LED watch trended in the mid 1970’s. A change of ownership in 1986 happened with Colin Browne taking the baton and invested in jewellery tools and other precision equipment. By the 90’s the diamond industry grew substantially complimenting our range with diamond grading and evaluating equipment.

Colins son Rodger took over the directos seat around 2004 and re-branded the business to Cape Watch Tools & Jewellery Supplies – to bring a stronger identity to the diamond and jewelry industry.

Under the directorship of Tennille Hoge, JewelQuip merged with Cape Tools & Jewellery Supplies, with Hoges knowledge and expertise product development benefited growth to a new level. Diamond polishing equipment was vertically integrated into our diamond division in 2015. Present day Cape Tools is able to offer trade services and consultancy under Tennille Hoge’s stewardship with her considerable experience as a goldsmith.

We are mindful about the convenience of shopping online, our website itemizes our substantial offering, simply and with current pricing. Spanning five decades previous addresses included St Georges Mall, Burg Street, Long Street and Church Street where in 2019 we settled into a larger and grander premises with a our showroom situated in the Castle Mews Building, 39 Sir Lowry Rd Woodstock.

We pride ourselves as being a truly Capetonian Jewellery Supply company.