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Using JAX Patina Solutions

JAX Master Finishing Solutions

JAX Master Finishing Solutions - Water Based No Sulphur

JAX Black Patina for metals produces a semi-permanent, authentic, antique black finish on Silver & Gold. JAX metal finishing solutions are easy to use & produce consistent results. This solution is water based, non-flammable & requires no heat or electricity. It contains no sulfur & reacts within seconds. Metal must be clean & free of lacquer, oil, grease or wax. To apply, either brush solution on with a bristle brush or dip entire object in solution. The initial coat is critical. Brush the patina onto the metal until a dull film appears. The appearance of the dull film indicates the patina has adhered to & is reacting on the metal. Additional coats may be applied. Allow each coat to thoroughly air dry.

What is Patina ? 

Polishing silver jewelry with blue cloth


Patina is basically a film that develops on the surface of metal over a certain period of time. Due to exposure to open air & the natural process of oxidation, an aged metal like copper & silver tends to develop a patina. A natural patina can take from days to even years to occur, but a jeweller can speed up the process by buying an artificial patina. Our JAX Master Finishing Solutions also include plating solutions & blacker. Jax Chemicals should always be used with care by experienced jewellers.

Using JAX Patina Solutions

JAX Master Finishing Solutions - Water Based No Sulphur
Follow these steps in order to use the JAX patina correctly & get the best out of the these solutions:
– Ensure that the surface of your item is clean with no dirt or grit by giving the surface a quick polish.

Shake the bottle well to distribute contents. Pour some of the solution on to a clean cloth, brush or ear bud (ensure you are wearing gloves to avoid staining).

– Apply liberally . Darkening often occurs as the transfer of silver takes place.
– Buff lightly with a soft cloth. A beautiful shine will appear and the silver plating process is complete. If necessary, re-apply to badly worn areas or to increase the thickness of the silver.